Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Drake: "Find Your Love"

I haven't done many Drake posts but don't get it twisted, I'm a fan; I've actually been listening to him since Comeback Season first dropped after getting put on game by my boy Dre. Was I a die hard fan? No. Are there other artist I like more? Yes. Does that change the fact I still like and support his music? Absolutely not. I could go into a rant here and elaborate on a much bigger topic but I've decided I'll save that for another post on another day. Now, back to the video.

I like this song much more than "Over" but I really like both videos. From what I hear, Drake's album is supposed to silence the critics (supposedly less singing more rapping). We'll see about that. Whether or not it does, "Find Your Love" and "Miss Me" have me waiting in anticipation for what is set to be one of this years' many crazy records; it's gonna be a hot summer. Thank Me Later drops June 15th.

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