Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Dallas Mavericks: 2011 NBA Champs!

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Maaann, watching a team you've cheered on for 8-9 years is never fun. Tough way to end the season for my Heat but don't worry..although it's painful right now we'll be back. On another note congrats to the Mavericks, Mark Cuban, and all their real fans. I'm especially happy for Dirk. I bet he's jammin' "Dirt Off Your Shoulders" right now. Already looking forward to the next NBA season. Hopefully the league and players association can prevent a lockout and we can get back to watching basketball on schedule.

Friday, June 10, 2011

J. Cole Performs @ Bonnaroo

While out at Bonnaroo, Cole paid respect to 'Pac (above) and Big (below) during his set. Cole performed 'Pac's "I Ain't Mad At Cha" and rapped over Big's "Big Poppa" during "Higher." This isn't the first time he's done either one of these covers and to be honest, I hope it isn't the last. Paying homage to legends that inspired you is never a bad thing. Last night was a big moment for Cole and as usual, he delivered. Can't wait to get a CDQ version of the single. Dreamville.


J. Cole Talks Album Title & Release Date

Cole On The Album Title

Before performing at Bonnaroo last night, Cole took a few moments backstage to answer a few questions. Although Cole doesn't release the album title or release date, he does talk about why he didn't release an album title before (which has since, been changed several times). Additionally, he breaks down releasing new songs and mixtapes vs. releasing an album and the process that follows along with it.  

Cole On Releasing New Material

XV: "Phobia"


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The Magic Box Interview w/ Big Sean

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Big Sean Feat. Kanye West: “Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay” In NYC

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Alicia Keys "Songs In A Minor" Documentary Trailer

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Fabolous: "Yall Don't Hear Me Though"

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Big Sean: "So Much More"

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Big Sean's Listening Party

"Sorry I was late I had a throne to watch."

If you can't respect Big Sean's story I don't know what to tell you. His story is incredible. He had a dream and made it come true. The sincerity in his voice and candidness of this moment gives you a glimpse into who the young 23 year old Detroit native really is. Finally Famous is almost here. Can't wait.

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Big K.R.I.T: "The Vent" Trailer

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Bad Meets Evil: "Fast Lane"

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mike Taylor Feat. Pro: "Super Tight"

My homie Mike has been grinding for a minute. He's been busy with production but he's about to drop a project soon. Until then, check out his latest visual and visit his site

Kendrick Lamar Interview w/ The Breakfast Club

Kendrick talks about his album, Dre, Detox, still being independent, the J. Cole project, not drinking or smoking, and not being the stereotypical rapper.

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The Making of Cyhi The Prynce's "Royal Flush 2" Cover

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Big K.R.I.T Feat. Ludacris & Bun B: "Country Shit Remix"

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J. Cole Debuts New Song In Toronto

Could it be the single we've all been waiting for? Aum thinks so:

After all the short clips floating around from the Baltimore show, someone in Toronto comes through with a recording of the full song. This could very well be Cole's upcoming single since it samples Kanye West's "New Workout Plan" it also samples Paula Abdul's "Straight Up"

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Beyoncé Feat. Andre 3000: "Party" [Prod. By Kanye West + Consequence]


This record jams! One of my favorite records off "4" so far.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

What Is Love?

Press play and began reading


One day, after a conversation with a good friend, I found myself wondering what love was and what it encompasses; this is what I came up. Is it simplistic? Yes. That's the way it came out (forgive me in advance if it doesn't suit your fancy) but sometimes that's how love is. 

Anyways, since I couldn't possibly come up with everything love is in one sitting (or probably ever for that matter), I'll be writing new versions of this from time to time as the thoughts and ideas come to me in an attempt to figure out what love really is.

Whether or not I'll continue to share remains to be seen. We'll see how this first one goes. Honestly I wasn't going to post this but two of my friends urged me too and SB's feedback was the icing on the cake; So, with all that being said I hope yall enjoy. Feel free to leave comments on yours thoughts and let me know what love means to you.

Much love,


Love can hurt, love can heal
Love can empty, love can fill
Love is why I hate to fight
Love is what keeps me up at night
Love is truly plain to see
Love is you being here with me
Love is every time I call
And there to cushion when you fall
Love is your style, and your smile
Love is me caught up all the while
Love is even though I know I'm scared
Seeing what we share and staying there
Love is me, love is you
Love is every single thing we do
Love is us two, tried and true
Facing obstacles and breaking through
Love hates being far away
Love is leaving but wanting to stay
Love is real, love is work
Love is your exponential worth
Love is waking, thinking of you first
And me being thankful for your birth
Love is involved, love can free
For you, loves what I want to be
Love is limitless, wider than any sea
Love is finding common ground when we disagree
Love puts all (your) worries at ease
After thinking of you it's the feeling in my knees
Love is getting to know you and taking time
Love is what one day I hope we find
Love is in the air, it's how I stare
And running my fingers through your hair
It's over thinking what to wear
Then rushing to you with no time to spare
Love is Phil and Vivian, Cliff and Claire
Love is exactly why I care
Love ain't what I want it's what I need
Love heats my body a few degrees
Love alters the very way I breathe....
When I look at you, love is what.....I....see

Karmin Covers "Super Bass" + "All Of The Lights"

I heard about Karmin a few weeks ago via D's blog. Here's their latest cover. Check out their cover of "All Of The Lights" as well.

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"Cooking w/ The King" [Finals Edition Game 1]

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Kendrick Lamar Confirms "Detox" Feature

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Mara Hruby: The Covergirl

Just found out about Mara Hruby. Her voice is incredibly crisp and fresh. Check out her cover of Mos Def's record "The Panties." Click on the link below to check out her full interview with Life + Times and visit her site. Like what you've heard from Miss Hruby so far? Want more? You're in luck! Download her 7 track EP From Her Eyes below her picture.

Mara Hruby

Props | Life + Times

NBA 2K12 Trailer

It's coming ladies and gentleman. 10/4/12

Eyes On The Prize

Ladies, ever felt like you were being watched? Regardless of your answer chances are you probably have been at some point. How'd I missed this? I have no idea. Ahh well, better late than never.

Throwback Thursdays: The Making Of Jay-Z's "Dirt Off Your Shoulder"

Shouts to Jean for reminding me of this. This is the making off one of Jay-Z's biggest hits off what was, back then, supposed to be the last album. Jay always picks the best beats and here is no exception. Ultimately, he passes up what would become Ludacris' "The Potion" and waits for the right record; the result brings an appearance from the infamous "Jay Face."

No Glove Needed

Even if it's fake (I doubt it), it's still ridiculous nonetheless.

Still Waiting

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This Has To Stop

Shoutout out to all the people in retail that have to deal with these type of individuals. I have a song for stuff just like this.

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Look Out

Wait for it..

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Crossover On Display

Late pass. This displays the evolution of the crossover as told by some of the greatest dribblers of all time.

P.S. Didn't realize how close Mike was to blocking that shot! Even his bad plays are good. Greatest ever

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G Is For Genius

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Their Last Chance

Come on Cleveland. Let @kingjames go, he’s never coming back. 
Haha. Shoutout to my homie Travis and all the real Heat fans out there.

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Shaq Calls It Quits

He's been playing forever it seems like. Good luck to him in all his future endeavors; TNT/NBA TV are waiting. One of the greatest and most dominant players ever.

Behind The Scenes of DJ Khaled's "I'm On One"