Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kevin Durant Drops 66 In Rucker Park

Boy, boy, boy. I bet my homie Aum would love to see this. Last night, KD took his talents to New York's world famous basketball court for the first time and put on a show. Yeah it wasn't a professional game but I don't care, 66 points is 66 points. Count it.

Props | Jemele

Kanye West + Jay-Z @ "Watch The Throne" Listening Event

Ye x Hov @ WTT Listening Event

This was taken at the American Museum of Natural History Planetarium.  WTT drops on August 8 on Itunes, August 12 everywhere else.

Props: HCO via Elliott Wilson

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cole Summer: Episode 2

Yo Cole, quit playing and release those Dreamville shirts...shoutout to Nerv!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Jay-Z & Kanye West Watch The Throne Documentary

Props | RR

CyHi Da Prynce Speaks w/ 3 Little Diggs On “Otis”

Am I in the states right now? No, actually I'm out in Europe which is why I haven't been posting as much lately. I still felt the need to put this up though. Cyhi talks with the good people over at 3 Little Diggs about Jay and Ye's process behind making "Otis" (If you haven't heard already you can find it all over like here for instance.) "Watch the Throne" just a little ways away now.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rap Up Interview w/ J. Cole

Cole talks about producing Wale's unreleased single, shooting the "Workout" video, who he wants to work with, and releasing a pre-album  mixtape sometime this summer.

Props | JCF

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Dallas Mavericks: 2011 NBA Champs!

( -????? -???? ) ( -????? -???? ) ( -????? -???? )
Maaann, watching a team you've cheered on for 8-9 years is never fun. Tough way to end the season for my Heat but don't worry..although it's painful right now we'll be back. On another note congrats to the Mavericks, Mark Cuban, and all their real fans. I'm especially happy for Dirk. I bet he's jammin' "Dirt Off Your Shoulders" right now. Already looking forward to the next NBA season. Hopefully the league and players association can prevent a lockout and we can get back to watching basketball on schedule.

Friday, June 10, 2011

J. Cole Performs @ Bonnaroo

While out at Bonnaroo, Cole paid respect to 'Pac (above) and Big (below) during his set. Cole performed 'Pac's "I Ain't Mad At Cha" and rapped over Big's "Big Poppa" during "Higher." This isn't the first time he's done either one of these covers and to be honest, I hope it isn't the last. Paying homage to legends that inspired you is never a bad thing. Last night was a big moment for Cole and as usual, he delivered. Can't wait to get a CDQ version of the single. Dreamville.


J. Cole Talks Album Title & Release Date

Cole On The Album Title

Before performing at Bonnaroo last night, Cole took a few moments backstage to answer a few questions. Although Cole doesn't release the album title or release date, he does talk about why he didn't release an album title before (which has since, been changed several times). Additionally, he breaks down releasing new songs and mixtapes vs. releasing an album and the process that follows along with it.  

Cole On Releasing New Material

XV: "Phobia"


Props | TRT

The Magic Box Interview w/ Big Sean

Props | TRT

Big Sean Feat. Kanye West: “Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay” In NYC

Props | RR

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Alicia Keys "Songs In A Minor" Documentary Trailer

Props | RR via Herfection

Fabolous: "Yall Don't Hear Me Though"

Props | RR via TRT

Big Sean: "So Much More"

Props |TRT

Big Sean's Listening Party

"Sorry I was late I had a throne to watch."

If you can't respect Big Sean's story I don't know what to tell you. His story is incredible. He had a dream and made it come true. The sincerity in his voice and candidness of this moment gives you a glimpse into who the young 23 year old Detroit native really is. Finally Famous is almost here. Can't wait.

Props | RR via TRT

Big K.R.I.T: "The Vent" Trailer

Props | TRT

Bad Meets Evil: "Fast Lane"

Props | TRT

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mike Taylor Feat. Pro: "Super Tight"

My homie Mike has been grinding for a minute. He's been busy with production but he's about to drop a project soon. Until then, check out his latest visual and visit his site

Kendrick Lamar Interview w/ The Breakfast Club

Kendrick talks about his album, Dre, Detox, still being independent, the J. Cole project, not drinking or smoking, and not being the stereotypical rapper.

Props | Herfection

The Making of Cyhi The Prynce's "Royal Flush 2" Cover

Props | Decatur Dan

Big K.R.I.T Feat. Ludacris & Bun B: "Country Shit Remix"

Props | TRT

J. Cole Debuts New Song In Toronto

Could it be the single we've all been waiting for? Aum thinks so:

After all the short clips floating around from the Baltimore show, someone in Toronto comes through with a recording of the full song. This could very well be Cole's upcoming single since it samples Kanye West's "New Workout Plan" it also samples Paula Abdul's "Straight Up"

Props | TRT

Beyoncé Feat. Andre 3000: "Party" [Prod. By Kanye West + Consequence]


This record jams! One of my favorite records off "4" so far.

Props | TRT

Thursday, June 2, 2011

What Is Love?

Press play and began reading


One day, after a conversation with a good friend, I found myself wondering what love was and what it encompasses; this is what I came up. Is it simplistic? Yes. That's the way it came out (forgive me in advance if it doesn't suit your fancy) but sometimes that's how love is. 

Anyways, since I couldn't possibly come up with everything love is in one sitting (or probably ever for that matter), I'll be writing new versions of this from time to time as the thoughts and ideas come to me in an attempt to figure out what love really is.

Whether or not I'll continue to share remains to be seen. We'll see how this first one goes. Honestly I wasn't going to post this but two of my friends urged me too and SB's feedback was the icing on the cake; So, with all that being said I hope yall enjoy. Feel free to leave comments on yours thoughts and let me know what love means to you.

Much love,


Love can hurt, love can heal
Love can empty, love can fill
Love is why I hate to fight
Love is what keeps me up at night
Love is truly plain to see
Love is you being here with me
Love is every time I call
And there to cushion when you fall
Love is your style, and your smile
Love is me caught up all the while
Love is even though I know I'm scared
Seeing what we share and staying there
Love is me, love is you
Love is every single thing we do
Love is us two, tried and true
Facing obstacles and breaking through
Love hates being far away
Love is leaving but wanting to stay
Love is real, love is work
Love is your exponential worth
Love is waking, thinking of you first
And me being thankful for your birth
Love is involved, love can free
For you, loves what I want to be
Love is limitless, wider than any sea
Love is finding common ground when we disagree
Love puts all (your) worries at ease
After thinking of you it's the feeling in my knees
Love is getting to know you and taking time
Love is what one day I hope we find
Love is in the air, it's how I stare
And running my fingers through your hair
It's over thinking what to wear
Then rushing to you with no time to spare
Love is Phil and Vivian, Cliff and Claire
Love is exactly why I care
Love ain't what I want it's what I need
Love heats my body a few degrees
Love alters the very way I breathe....
When I look at you, love is what.....I....see

Karmin Covers "Super Bass" + "All Of The Lights"

I heard about Karmin a few weeks ago via D's blog. Here's their latest cover. Check out their cover of "All Of The Lights" as well.

Props | RR

"Cooking w/ The King" [Finals Edition Game 1]

Props | TSMF

Kendrick Lamar Confirms "Detox" Feature

Props | TRT

Mara Hruby: The Covergirl

Just found out about Mara Hruby. Her voice is incredibly crisp and fresh. Check out her cover of Mos Def's record "The Panties." Click on the link below to check out her full interview with Life + Times and visit her site. Like what you've heard from Miss Hruby so far? Want more? You're in luck! Download her 7 track EP From Her Eyes below her picture.

Mara Hruby

Props | Life + Times

NBA 2K12 Trailer

It's coming ladies and gentleman. 10/4/12

Eyes On The Prize

Ladies, ever felt like you were being watched? Regardless of your answer chances are you probably have been at some point. How'd I missed this? I have no idea. Ahh well, better late than never.

Throwback Thursdays: The Making Of Jay-Z's "Dirt Off Your Shoulder"

Shouts to Jean for reminding me of this. This is the making off one of Jay-Z's biggest hits off what was, back then, supposed to be the last album. Jay always picks the best beats and here is no exception. Ultimately, he passes up what would become Ludacris' "The Potion" and waits for the right record; the result brings an appearance from the infamous "Jay Face."

No Glove Needed

Even if it's fake (I doubt it), it's still ridiculous nonetheless.

Still Waiting

Props | TSMF

This Has To Stop

Shoutout out to all the people in retail that have to deal with these type of individuals. I have a song for stuff just like this.

Props | TSMF

Look Out

Wait for it..

Props | TSMF

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Crossover On Display

Late pass. This displays the evolution of the crossover as told by some of the greatest dribblers of all time.

P.S. Didn't realize how close Mike was to blocking that shot! Even his bad plays are good. Greatest ever

Props | TSMF

G Is For Genius

Props | TSMF

Their Last Chance

Come on Cleveland. Let @kingjames go, he’s never coming back. 
Haha. Shoutout to my homie Travis and all the real Heat fans out there.

Props | TSMF

Shaq Calls It Quits

He's been playing forever it seems like. Good luck to him in all his future endeavors; TNT/NBA TV are waiting. One of the greatest and most dominant players ever.

Behind The Scenes of DJ Khaled's "I'm On One"

Sunday, May 29, 2011

J. Cole: "How High"

"Climb your own ladder or you dig your own hole."


Props | YHTN via RR

Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Cole Stream" From Miami On 5/28/11

In this edition of "Cole Stream," Cole confirms the first single samples a 'Ye record (I think I know what it is) , says he might release a mixtape this summer, explains what happened to the well liked original intro to "Who Dat," talks about his project with Kendrick Lamar, and weighs in on the pros and cons of his new found success.

Oh and by the way, the second album is 70 % finished. Already. Clap for 'em!

Props | JCF

Erykah Badu: "Out My Mind Just In Time"

Props | Herfection

The Baggy Pants Solution

Props | Resha

J. Cole Remakes ESPN's "Baseball Tonight" Theme Song

Ha! Cole looking like he ready to take over baseball now. From rap to the bats, Cole is on it.

Props | JCF

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bas: "Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. 1"

@bassybadass’ debut project Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. I
Click the link.
Then spread these FIEND vibes like butter on toast. 
Enjoy the long weekend.
Want some good new music? Check out my boy Bas' debut tape!

Props | TSMF

Gil Scott-Heron Dies At 62

I'm gonna be honest. Cole put me on to Gil Scott-Heron's in one of his interviews a while back but I never fully dove into his complete body of work. I haven't been listening to his music and poems my entire life. But I do know what I have heard from him I've liked. I also think I'm starting to realize he had much more of an impact and meant more to me than I ever realized.  R.I.P. Gil, you will be missed.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Circle Of Life: Simba's Evolution


It's great watching an artist grow over time; in that regard, Cole is no exception. However, what is special is watching him develop a concept that he started with near the beginning and advancing the storyline.

"Grown Simba"

"Return Of Simba"

Update: JCF put together a nice correlation of common subjects referenced in all three songs.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Throwback Thursdays: Kanye West Feat. Twista & Jaime Foxx "Slow Jamz"

Was just playing Def Jam Rap Star on the Wii and stumbled across this video (I couldn't rap Twista part; even with the words Haha). I vividly remember this coming out in late 2003 and it's still incredible to me.

Everything about this song and video was perfect to me; the concept, the beat, the verses, the flows, the harmony...the girls...everything! Haha

After this song, things would never be the same for Kanye. In part because of this record, 'Ye really blew up and mainstream fans started checking for him. I admire what Ye's become but I still love how everything started. This is for all the supporters who were on him way back, before this record and for the ones who came on board after it.

Just Do It

love this. 
Props | Resha

Jay-Z Performs @ Roseland Ballroom

This is footage from Jay's performance last night for an event hosted by Adult Swim. He does a mash up of "Thank You" to the The Boondocks outro song along with Allure, the first verse of "Dead Presidents," and "On To The Next One."

"Allure" + "Dead Presidents"

"On To The Next One"

Props | RR

Jon Stewart Outwits Bill O'Reilly

"Boo-Yah! That's a rap word."

Simply put, Jon Stewart is the man. I bet internally, Bill felt like this:

Props | Modi

PSA of The Day: Make Passion Your Profession

Haven't done one of these in a while. So with that being said, I give you the latest installment in the 'PSA of the Day' series (which also helped inspire a verse) courtesy of my good friend Aum Kotecha.

"Nothing better then making your passion your profession."

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm Not A Love Poet

"I'm gonna be honest, I'm not really a love poet..."

You've probably haven't heard of this guy before (what a shame but don't trip, today's your lucky day). I hadn't either until recently; allow me to help you out. His name is Rudy Francisco. I think he's from San Diego. His username on Twitter is @RudyFrancisco. His craft is poetry and your heart is in his hands.

Props | Mich of SpknBeats

Beyoncé: "Run The World"

Props | TRT

Update: Here's the album cover for "4" as well.

Crazy Wedding Proposal

Swizz Beatz Excited For "Watch The Throne"

Swizz says Watch The Throne is "worth the wait" and will "pass the bar." I've been ready for this. Can't wait to cop it.

Props | MTV via YHTN

Behind The Scenes of Big K.R.I.T's "Country Shit Remix" Feat. Ludacris & Bun B

Props | YHTN

TED Confrence: Salman Kahn

I saw Cole post this a while back and I just remembered to check it out. This just completely blew my mind. At a Ted Conference, Salman Khan talks about a groundbreaking concept he developed to help children further their grasp and understanding of education worldwide. But hey, I can't do the video justice. This is a must watch for everyone. Check out the Khan Academy.

Props | Dreamvillain

Greatfullness: A Nice Way To Wake Up

Props | TGAW

Big Boi': "The Crown Life

Big Boi is so under rated it's a crime. Check out this recently done documentary covering his life.

Props | RR

Eminem On Transitioning From Rap To Acting

Props | RR

Rick Ross & Wale Discuss "Tupac Back"

It's crazy to think we could live in a world where people don't know who 'Pac was and what he stood for. Absolutely mind blowing.

Props | RR

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ruby Hornet Interview w/ Kendrick Lamar

Check out the full interview at Ruby Hornet.

Props | Herfection

No I.D.: "Let The Story Begin"

I can't believe this is my first post on No I.D. Have no fear, there will be more to come shortly. One of the greatest producers ever talks about how "D.O.A." came together for "Blueprint III."

Props | DD via Herfection

5th Child: "5th Child"

I've known 5th for a minute. We went to college together and since then, he has been nothing but a blessing to me; without a doubt, he was my favorite rapper on campus. He's always been gifted and talented but like any great artist, he has grown. He's been writing all his material, producing most of his songs, and now he's released his newest project self titled "5th Child for free (but you can name your price if you choose to do so). Check him out, enjoy the music, and let him know how you feel about the project on his Twitter and Bandcamp pages.

J. Cole Announces Album Ready, Plans Promo Run Soon

It's been a long time coming...I hope yall ready, I know I am! Cole Word! Dreamville!

Props | TRT 

P.S. According to Rap-Up, Cole is nominated in the "Best New Artist" category along with Bruno Mars, Miguel, Willow Smith, and Wiz Khalifa at the 2011 BET Awards; Hopefully he can take that away. The summer 'bout to be craaazy!

Update From 106 & Park:

Keep On Surviving

Props | Resha

Sealy After Glow Commercial


Out of The Mouths of Babes

I have no idea where to start with this one...you decide...

Props | Resha

Kanye West: "All Falls Down"

Since I randomly think about these lyrics all the time and I've had a crush on Stacey Dash (she still got it!) since Fresh Prince, I only feel it's right I put this up. One of my favorite songs and videos ever made.

P.S.Don't even remember Common being there at the end!

Da Sout Gon Hol It Doowwwwnn

Dude killed the hook...Haha

Prop | Resha

Kendrick Lamar Impersonates Wiz Khalifa


Props | NR

Update: Wiz is a fan.

The Making of DJ Khaled's "I'm On One"

Props | RR

Monday, May 16, 2011

Nas Confirms Working w/ Frank Ocean

Props | TRT

Pusha T: "Blow"

Maann..I think it's virtually impossible for this man to make bad music haha. Everything he's dropped as of late has been ridiculous. Can't wait for this project to drop. My God.
Props | TRT

Parlour Magazine Interview w/ Big K.R.I.T

My favorite K.R.I.T interview as of late.

Props | TRT

"Rap City" [Toronto] Interview w/ Biggie

"People my age, 20, 19, 17, 18...you know...they really involved with a lot of nonsense."

This took place circa '95. Big (in one of the hisl Coogie sweaters) touches on a little bit of everything in a great interview that is still relevant today as it was when it was recorded. R.I.P to one of the greatest ever.

Props | RR

Maybach Music Group Feat. J. Cole: "Fitted Cap"


Props | RR & TRT

Wale Brings Out Derrick Rose In Chicago

Props | RR

Wes Fif Feat. Big K.R.I.T., Cyhi The Prynce & Dreamer: "Hometeam"

Props | Resha

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bei Maejor: "I Wish" [Cover]

All right now...Where are all my music friends? Why has no one told me about this guy before?

After hearing the cover of one of my favorite songs of all time, I'm currently (although a little over two months late) downloading Bei Maejor's recently released mixtape "ThrowBack" [March 2011]. If you haven't already join me; don't ask questions just do it (like Nike). You'll thank me (later). The link is below.


Bei Maejor: "The Lala Song" + "First Of Tha Month" [Cover]

"To you she is all that but to me she just aight.."

After that first post, I decided to check out some more of Bei's work and this is what I found. If you haven't already, I recommend you go do your homework on him.

"First Of Tha Month"

The Game Feat. Lil Wayne: "Red Nation"

Props | Herfection

Bei Maejor: "Racks On Racks" [Piano Remix]

I heard of this guy a while back when a record of his that featured Cole was released and quickly pulled (The song is called "Trouble" and the official version will be released later this week as confirmed by DJ Booth and Bei himself retweeted it as verification). Didn't know he played keys. As someone said on Youtube, this would be an ill way to transition into the actual song at a live show.

Props | KC

P.S. Finally! I was able to clearly hear the lyrics. Never could understand what YC was saying.

JaVale McGee Awarded Guiness World Record

JaVale didn't win the dunk contest but this isn't a bad consolation prize. Here's the proof.

Props | Yahoo

The One Man Show

This is wrong on so many levels...Had to post this today because I wouldn't feel right putting it up on Sunday. Can't believe I've never see this until now; this is one of the funniest and worse things I've ever seen rolled all into one video. The crazy thing? Dude is actually serious as apparently, this was a real show tapped in L.A. back in '97. Laughed so hard at this I almost cried. I decided to put a few of these up but there are several more videos out there if you're interested.

This Never Gets Old

I remember watching this with EZ back in the day circa '06 and it's still funny. Guess mama really don't play that after all. Tip: Press 5 on your keyboard at your own discretion while watching this; you've been warned. Haha

Frank Ocean Performs "Novacane " in NYC

There is so much going on in here, I don't know where to begin. Haha

Props | Amaya of RR

R.I.P Tractor Traylor

Props | TSMF

Train Fights

Props | TSMF

P.S. Shout out to the women as well..even though I've never seen two people fight and sit right next to each other immediately after.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rick Ross: "Maybach Music III"

Props | TRT

The Weeknd: "What You Need"

Props | Aum of TRT

Dubbcnn Interviews Kendrick Lamar

Props | JCF

Hit-Boy Signs With Good Music

Shoutout to this man for being the first in house producer signed to G.O.O.D Music. He's only 23 and has done nothing but make great music while consistently lived up to his name. Can't wait to see what the future holds for Surf Club's finest. Check out his full length interview with Vibe in the link below.

Props | Vibe

Sitting Pretty

If you think this is nice...
Check out the view!

Props | Life + Times

Real Gangsters Move In Silence


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shots Taken: Douglas Lyle Thompson

Props | Life + Times

Dr. Dre Back In The Day?

It it really Dre? I'm not sure (according to Vibe it is). Either way, it's entertaining nonetheless. Check out the doc before he got his license.

Look At These Pools!

With summer almost here (depending on where you live) and unbearable heat quickly approaching, staying cool will become a priority in the upcoming months. 

To some, this means running the AC all day long but for others it means going to the beach or chilling poolside (or both if you're fortunate enough). 

So, until you can make that first trip to the pool or beach, enjoy these pictures of some of the nicest pools ever created. The full article is listed below.


Props | Life + Times