Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to Become Great: Staying Hungry

"There's no limitation to it...still!...still!"

During All-Star weekend in Dallas, Jay-Z took time on the red carpet to talk with MTV about a song he's recently made, what inspires him, and Hip-Hop's positioning/emergence into today's global setting. 

I've never met him but it's obvious Jay-Z loves what he's doing. He hasn't even finished the Blueprint 3 tour yet and he already has, what he believes to be, a "crazy record" in the vault for his next album. That's the type of work ethic every young artist should aspire to attain; never settling or growing comfortable in the success they have reached.

The moral of the story: if you truly want to be great, stay on your toes and remain hungry. Don't let other people minimize your potential by limiting your possibilities. When they tell you you've reached the top of the mountain, get a ladder and start climbing that. You have to constantly strive for improvement. If you don't, I think you have nowhere to go but down from there.

So what will you do, climb or fall behind? The choice is yours to make. Just know for me and mines, good ain't good enough; I wanna be legendary and I only wanna associate with people who feel the same way. So if you think that's crazy fine, so be it; this is where you exit the plane. But if you can feel what I'm saying buckle up and get ready because it's time to take flight. See you in the sky.  


 "Can't tell you where I'm going, just know I won't stop/Goodbye to the bottom, hello to the--top"-J.Cole

Props to MTV for the original link.

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