Thursday, February 11, 2010

Try Try Again

"If at first you don't succeed, try try again."

Love looking at this video and hearing J.Cole talk about the first time he actually "met" Jay-Z. I can't imagine how that felt but it just speaks to Jermaine's perseverance and refusal to give up or quit on himself; after all we know how things ultimately turned out. (Shout out to my man Chris "Knotti" Green behind the camera.)

And for the record, he's my favorite of the "New School" rappers hands down (Besides myself of course). Been a big fan of Cole since a little before the deal and happy to see him get everything he deserves. He even gave me some advice via twitter before my first live performance. I got nothing but love and respect for him, his boys Omen, Elite, and the rest of the Dreamville crew.

Anyways, his untitled debut album is scheduled to drop early this summer and will feature production from himself as well as No I.D. and Pharell; I wouldn't be surprised if Elite is on there (producing/rapping) as well as a verse from the boss man and Omen.

So when things don't go the way you want (which happens more than we would like them to) keep looking ahead and moving forward; complaining won't get you where you want to go. It only affirms you don't believe in yourself and/or you aren't willing to put in the work it requires to achieve your dreams. It's really a weak minded trait if you think about it. Example: Babies cry when they're hungry, tired, need their diapers changed, etc. They cry so they can have their needs met or "have their way", primarily because they can't do the previously listed tasks for themselves. But you're not a baby, you're (hopefully) a mature enough individual that you should be able to handle the rough spots that life dishes out. So don't take the failures along the route to success personally. Just keep moving forward, stay away from detours, and don't take your eyes off the road. Happy driving folks.

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