Thursday, April 29, 2010

Converse Basketball + Various Rappers

Rappers are competitive by nature and not just at rapping. Check out these clips of Jermaine Dupri, Jay Electroinca, Sean Price, Shawty Lo, and a few of the new school guys (Donnis, Pill, OJ) talking about playing in the Converse 3 on 3 basketball tournament coming up in Atlanta. Jay Elec and OJ are clearly the most entertaining characters. There are so many quotables that I'll just put some of my favorites under each respective video.

"I heard Jim [Jones] say my name but he don't got no basketball court. We got a basketball court right here in the studio. They gotta go down the block and wait for somebody to get off the court. So...get prepared to give us that trophy."

"If we can't play better than them, we can definitely out-rap every team."

"Just cause I see a couple of cheerleaders they gon' get me more...adrenalated."
 (Yeah that's right, he said "adrenalated") 

After a quick chat with Modi of DCtoBC via Twitter I got to thinking about the following:

If you had to assemble a group of rappers to play on the hardwood, which 5 would you pick and why? Here's where it gets a little more interesting:

If you had to assemble a rap team of 5 rappers who would it be and why? Remember a team is good collectively so you wouldn't necessarily put the 5 best individual rappers on a team together. Leave your answers in the comment section below. Choose wisely.

Props: Big Homie of Rap Radar.

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