Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jay Electronica & Mos Def @ The Howling Wolf on 3/31/10

Not my footage from last Wednesday but this is way better anyway. Good show just wished Jay would've hit the stage sooner. It's funny how his crowds have grown over the past few months in New Orleans. Real happy for him. Hard work pays off. He even brought Mos out (who I hear has a house somewhere in the city). The energy was real good for this show. Besides giving his entire number out to the entire audience again, J encouraged the crowd to come on stage and even stayed after the show to take pictures and talk with the crowd. Shouts to Brock, Travis, Michele, Mike, Marcus, Monty, and everyone else I saw at the show.

Props to 2-Cent as well. They've shot the last few J-Elec shows and I think the way they capture subjects is amazing.

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