Tuesday, April 13, 2010

J. Cole S.O.B's Show Revisited: Two Verses (A Sign Of Things To Come [Up])

I can't fully express or emphasize how ready I am for this album. 

So I know J. Cole's S.O.B. show was almost two weeks ago. Yeah I know it was great (as usual) and from what I hear, the atmosphere reeked of the stuff legends are made of. And how could I not know he debuted "Who Dat" there upon receiving a request for "new shit" from an understandably eager audience member in attendance. But the one question that has (at least for the moment) eluded explanation is this: how is no one talking about these two "freestyles" acapellas  Cole spit? Check out the second video below:

These most likely are not freestyles; they sound like album-quality material to me. Only time will tell whether or not they will make the album but regardless of if one makes it and the other doesn't, both make it, or neither do one thing is certain: Cole is getting ready to drop something special come this summer. If you don't believe me just think about it like this:

1.) All the freestyles he drops are better than most rappers' songs; I've never heard him spit a bad  or even sub-par verse once and I've been on board well before he blew up.

2.) He's focused on the bigger picture. Cole has branded himself remarkably well, and has refused to over saturate his fan base with a quantity over quality approach. Additionally, he withheld releasing certain songs on The Warm Up so he could use them for the album; essentially, this means The Warm Up is comprised of songs not good enough to make the album. Realistically, he may not even be able to use some of those songs because he has so much new, and in all likelihood better, material for the album (27 songs which he recently shortened to a list of 20 and will eventually be cut down to around 14-15 songs). I said all that to say this: If The Warm Up was just Cole's lower quality material, imagine how good his best material must sound? This leads us to our last section.

3.) He's continued to get better. While The Come Up was undoubtedly an impressive piece of work that will most likely be viewed as, when it's all said and done, the spark that lit an undeniably great career, it will only be a glimpse of an even greater catalog filled with songs (and albums) that will probably stand out against Cole's initial mixtape. The Warm Up definitely showed Cole's growth over a two year period and was a much needed breath of fresh air; but the untitled forth-coming debut will be a free fall.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

P.S. Shotout to J. Cole Music, sorry that took so long ladies.

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