Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Throwback: Kanye West "Self Conscious"

Music is missing this right now.

Before Kanye West became the man you either loved or loved to hate, Ye did an interpretation at Def poetry of what would later become (if it wasn't already in his head) "All Falls Down", one of many singles off his classic (yeah I said it) debut album College Dropout and official introduction to the hip-hop community as a rapper.

I could spend an enormous amount of time talking about how this man has influenced me but I've decided to say more with less: He's one of the main (if not the primary) reasons why I started rapping. As big of an influence as Jay-Z has had on me Kanye has, at least, equaled that and for anyone that knows me, they know that's saying a lot, trust me. Hope he really is dropping this summer. If so, can't wait. If not, guess I'll have to.

P.S. I'm gonna try to start throwing up what i consider to be throwbacks from time to time. This would fall into a modern throwback. And if you have any comments, get at me via the comments section; So hit me with feedback, I need that.


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