Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jenny Boom Boom TV: J. Cole

 "You're never gonna catch this guy slipping."

In this radio interview, the artist formerly known as Therapist J.Cole talks about "Who Dat", the album (rumored to be titled Cole World) Jay-Z's involvement in the album, working with Pharell and No I.D., Jay's plane, and other "situations".

Additionally, radio host Jenny Boom tries to pry information out of Cole and lure him into making potentially problematic statements  but it never happens. Looks like those journalism classes at St. Johns are worth every penny.

Upcoming artist take note, you can't allow radio host, journalist, or anyone else to pick you of guarded information (Other artist's projects info, your project, release dates, etc.) or let them get you into drama filled situations. If you make a name for yourself believe me, they will try but they can only take as much as you're willing to give; stay on your toes and don't slip up.

This is not to say radio host or journalist are bad but their job is to find out new information on you. Your job is to balance what is and isn't appropriate to reveal at the time (Somethings can be said on the spot while other issues may never be explained or discussed in detail).

Props: Elite + J. Cole Fans

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